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Arion HTxT4 Pedicure Spa Chair

Technical Bulletin 113 currently registered in 3 states: Boston, California, and Oregon. In the end of 2014, salon with 9 or more chairs will need to comply with Technical Bulletin 113. Amrest made of polypropylene, a naturally Acetone resistance material. Stainless steel trays with cup holder. USB port and purse holders. Cordless built in remote control with body map for full function massage. Feather touch rollers, rotating horizontally. Padsets – leather (removable with Velcro). Sand colored trimming. Face colors can be change to espresso, cappuccino, or red . To test for authenticity – rollers has Human Touch logo



  • Liner Jet (sanismart jet) technology whirlpool system
  • Human Touch-HT 138 or optional upgrade to HTxT4
  • Cup holder built-in armrest
  • Foldable liner with Liner Jet
  • New outside overflow knob desig
  • Removable sink bowl
  • Embedded LED light
  • Removable magnetic side panels
  • Matching technician stool include
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Manufacturer t4 Spa
  • Dimension 55”L x 30”W
  • Capacity of Tub 5 US Gallon
  • Discharge Pump Motor 110V 5.5 AMP 60HZ (optional)
  • Power Source 110V, 15AMP, 60HZ with Dedicated Outlet
  • Drain Connection P-Trap Pre-installed with 1.5” PVC Pipe
  • Fill and Drain Hoses Hot & Cold Water 0.5” Fitting
  • Whirlpool Pump Motor 120 VAC 60HZ; 1A; 27W Single Drive with Dual Whirlpool
  • Certification ETL Listed

Arion HTxT4 Pedicure Spa Chair – Quality : Excellent

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