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Argento SE Spa Pedicure Chair

The ANS Argento SE is a stylish stainless steel pedicure spa that features beautiful glass sink bowl. Impress your customers with this sharp and modern pedicure spa.

The luxurious ANS Argento SE is acetone-resistant and includes a protective gel-coating that guards the spa and sink from rust and corrosion.

The ANS Argento SE features a stainless steel frame, fiberglass base and footrest, polished chrome hardware, stainless steel shower hose, built-in LED color therapy light, FREE matching pedicure stool.

In addition, optional drain pumps are available and can be installed onto your spa.

The ANS Argento SE includes your choice of one of our high-quality massage chairs. Our superior quality chairs are made with soft, stain-resistant, marine-grade PU-leather and feature human-like, shiatsu massage.

These exceptional chairs are acetone-resistant and use an advanced massage mechanism that feel like real hands (kneading, rolling, and percussion), whereas other chair brands only offer dull vibrating massage.

Our first-class massage chairs feature a remote control, auto/manual massage programs, power seat controls, reclining backrest, pivoting armrests, built-in cup holders, side armrest trays and pockets for storage.

Select from popular models and genuine brands like Human Touch and ANS Massage Chairs.

Our impressive glass bowls are available in three beautiful colors.

Each glass sink is a ¾ inch thick and provide eye-catching displays of color when used with the built-in LED color therapy lights.

Choose from Gold, Crystal or Nickel.

Our polyresin bowls are a great choice for salons that prefer lightweight and cost-effective sinks.

These economical sink bowls are very sturdy and are made with strong, hard material.

When choosing a polyresin bowl as a substitute, the price of the spa is reduced by $200.

Argento SE Spa Pedicure Chair – Quality : Excellent

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