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Aqua 10 Spa Pedicure Chair

The base is reinforced with fire-grade fiberglass and gel resin.

The hand-crafted glass bowls are made in-house through a delicate process and painted by our skilled technician’s in the color of your choice

The ID Jet™ Pipeless system is installed in the basin, which provides a soothing whirlpool.

There is an angled footrest for your clients’ comfort, ease-to-use, front-mounted controls for your technicians’ ease, and a matching technician’s stool is added to complete the package.

The seat comes in soft premium vinyl, in a variety of colors.  Along with lift-up armrests for easy client use and one (1) fixed manicure arm tray, the power adjustable recline and slide seat is equipped with a state of the art Shiatsu massage system.  The easily accessible remote control is mounted nicely on the armrest and held securely by the remote holder.

Aqua 10 Spa Pedicure Chair Base:

  • Magnetic Pipeless, Using 120V
  • Hand Crafted Fiberglass Base
  • Showerhead Sprayer attached on the basin
  • A Controllable faucet for Water temperature
  • Color Therapy light
  • Hegiht Adjustable Footrest Cushion
  • Darin pump is optional. Using 120V
  • Tub: can hold 4.5 gallon capacity.
  • Plumbing Soucre: Hot & Cold tube: O.5sin. Darinpump: 1.5sin
  • 1 year warranty
  • Certifications: UL certification, Boston MA Approval, Los Angeles CA Approval, IAPMO certification, which is certified to CSA standards.
  • 30″W X 54″D x 53″H
    110 V, 4.7 AMP, 60HZ

Aqua 10 Spa Pedicure Chair – Quality : Excellent

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