Adventek Hybrid UV LED 18W Nail Lamp - 1


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Adventek Hybrid UV LED 18W Nail Lamp

This UV manicure dryer has compact design and it is designed for special nails UV gel. We offer robust and durable UV Gel Lamps for the professional nail tech as part of their essential nail supplies at a great value.

It is also made for home users with its user friendly operating mechanism.The 18 watt UV Gel Lamp also features a bottom plate that slides out making hand placement, cleaning and bulb replacement a breeze.

This Hybrid UV/LED lamp combines both UV and LED curing bulbs into a single compact unit.

  • LED and UV can be used separately or together
  • 30, 60, 120 second timer
  • Removable floor plate to accommodate pedicures
Weight 18 lbs
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