Do you know the critical role of pedicure chairs in a salon

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pedicure chair is one of the essential pieces of equipment in a salon when your customers are using your services. It offers customer experience and concerns with their decisions whether they will come back or not the next time. Do you know the essentials of pedicure chairs related to your salon’s competitiveness and increase your turnover? Let’s roll down the mouse to understand more clearly in this article.

  1. Three vital roles of a pedicure chair in the salon

    1. A pedicure chair will increase competitiveness for your salon.

    2. Whether your salon is only starting in the beauty industry or not, you need to have enough competitiveness to have good conditions to attract new customers. Especially, competitiveness in the service industry increases sharply, so you should understand the quality of your salon, compare it with your competitors, then decide the right decisions for your expectations and adapt to customers’ requirements.

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      Moreover, you should think carefully about what your customers want and how they feel when sitting on a pedicure chair, whether pedicure chairs can rotate, move or not, and make your customers comfortable. Investing money in buying new model pedicure chairs is the best way to increase your competitiveness and attract more new customers. You should remember: the best services are, the most impressed your customers are.

    3. A good pedicure chair helps to improve your customers’ experience

    4. As you know, more and more new salons are appearing in the beauty industry in particular and in the service industry in general. This means your salon has to compete against many salons, and whether our salon luxury or not, it is not important for the customers. The important thing is you have to bring the best experience when they go to your salon. At the time customers check into your salon, they want to relax after a hard-working day, if your salon does not provide good enough experience, they will be uncomfortable and never come back.

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      If you want to attract new customers, certainly you should spend your time to investigate your customers’ expectations, to seek the matched pedicure chairs for your customers, and pick suitable ones. Before choosing them, you should consider customers’ needs to decide the pedicure chair’s quality is good or not. Besides, you should consider the function of the pedicure chair, including rotation and mobility, because all the functions help to improve your customers’ experience. 

    5. Spending money on buying new pedicure chairs is the tactful way in doing business

    6. Whether your spa old or new is not important. Customers’ requirements are the quality of your salon’s services. Because when they pay for any service, they want to receive the right services. As you know, more and more new salons are opening in the beauty market, you not only maintain stable service price but also improve your service quality such as service attitude, quality services. Thereby, you can keep your loyal customers and get many new customers.

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      Especially, your salon has been running for 3 or 5 years, and some pieces of equipment grow old and do not seem to fit your customers’ expectations. You should learn and buy some new equipment at that time. 

  2. How to find the matched pedicure chair for your salon

  3. It is not easy to choose a matched pedicure chair for your salon. Four suggestions below will help you how to find the best pedicure chairs:

    1. You know what you want

    2. If you want to pick a matched pedicure chair for your salon, you might not only comprehend your customers’ expectations but also figure out the budget that makes you know how much money you will spend on buying new pedicure chairs for your salon, it is important if your salon is opening, especially when you both want to reduce business costs and get efficiency to your business.

    3. A suitable pedicure chair has to bring the customers the best experiences.

    4. As you know, your customers bring turnover for your salon, so you should take care of them when they are using your service. Your salon not either convenient or cheap so it is difficult for you to keep your customers’ loyalty, especially, they are new customers.

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    5. You should not buy an out-of-date pedicure chair

    6. The cheaper the pedicure chair is, the poorer its functions become, so you should not buy an out-of-date pedicure chair because the chair is not useful in your salon. 
      Besides, buying an out-of-date pedicure chair is not warranted by the manufacturer, so they have to spend money fixing them if they have a problem. Moreover, old fashion pedicure chair is not suitable to serve your customers’ requirements.

    7. Whether buying a pedicure chair or from a small company

    8. As you may know, the more famous brands are, the higher price becomes. The fact that all famous brands always have a great warranty for their products to guarantee the quality of the products. It means you consider carefully before buying a pedicure chair from a small producer.
      Moreover, you should take your time to make plans about your customer persona as if you comprehend your customers and know how to serve them better. 

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      We comprehend deeply, as the owner of the salon, you not only increase your margin profit but also keep old customers, so the pedicure chair plays an important role to help you increase turnover, attract new customers and keep your customers’ loyalty. Therefore, if you are both looking for the best pedicure chair for your salon and saving your business expenses, let us know your requirements, we will inform your suitable quotation. 

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